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  • Rhonda Kelley

Just Do It

Are you a Dorcas? That may not be your name, but I wonder if you have a similar character and lifestyle as this model woman in the Bible. I want to be a Dorcas!

Dorcas has always been one of my favorite women of the Bible. Her faith story is in Acts 9:36-42. The verse that always convicts me sounds simple but is so very profound: “This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did” (Acts 9:36). Wow! I am often full of good ideas of things I can do for others or full of good intentions which I fail to fulfill. The needs of those around me are always apparent, and the Lord often prompts me to respond. But, life happens, and I get busy. Those momentary concerns are quickly replaced with the demands of the day. The Lord has convicted me again not to just be full of good works and charitable deeds but to actually DO them.

Who is Dorcas and how can she teach Christian women today? Her name was Dorcas in Greek and Tabitha in Hebrew. She was a committed follower of Christ who lived in Joppa, near modern Tel Aviv, Israel during the time of the early church. Dorcas had a servant spirit and useful skills because the Bible says she made “tunics and garments” for the widows (Acts 9:39). When Dorcas became ill and died, the widows implored Peter to come because they knew of his works of miracles. The Apostle Peter knelt and prayed for Dorcas. Miraculously, she was restored to life, and many people believed in the Lord as a result of God’s miracle.

What was it about Dorcas that caused the widows who knew her to weep and pray for her life to be returned to them? Obviously, Dorcas was unselfish, always thinking of others. She was generous, always giving liberally to those she knew. She was intentional, always responding immediately to the needs around her. Her generosity was not in herself but from the Lord! The widows needed Dorcas in their lives for encouragement, support, and help, but they also needed the work of the Lord on their behalf.

What can Dorcas teach us today about generosity? Since generosity is from the Lord, all believers can have generous spirits. Ask the Lord to give you a giving heart! Since generosity is expected from all believers, be willing to share what you have with those in need around you. Since generosity is unselfish, do not seek a return for your acts of generosity. Generosity that comes from God is a blessing to the giver and the receiver. However, many believers are missing out on being a blessing and receiving a blessing!

So, today, join me in a recommitment to be more like Dorcas. Let’s open our eyes to the needs around us, and open our hearts to ways the Lord wants to work through us. Then, respond like Dorcas. Don’t just think good thoughts. Be full of good works and charitable deeds which you actually do. Like the sports brand Nike and Dorcas in the Bible: “Just do it!”


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